A Few Peculiar Glossaries Related To Online Slots

A Few Peculiar Glossaries Related To Online Slots

If you love playing online slots, coming across some new terms is quite common. Here is a list of peculiar and uncommon terms related to slots and their meanings.

If you are acquainted with slot gamers, you may have heard a few peculiar words now and then. These words and terms usually serve as code languages among gamblers. This unique vocabulary of gamblers has made online jokerslot games more exciting and fun.

Are you interested to know a few terms? Then you have landed in the right place. Gain insider knowledge of these terms and their meanings.


Hammer or ‘Hammering’ is a common term used in slots gambling. It refers to spinning the slot reel until you win a big reward. Hammering a game is an often-used strategy for progressive slot games.

Hammering is not for everyone. You must have a sizable bankroll and patience to continue playing the same game repeatedly until you win a jackpot or one of the top rewards.

Hammering does not offer better odds while playing a game. You will have the same odds as a regular player if you choose to “Hammer” the game.


This term has been incorporated into online games from physical casinos. A vulture is a gambler who waits until the game is about to shell out its first jackpot. In the case of online slots, players who play as “vultures” are not usually seen nowadays.

Fruit Machines

In European countries, slots are known as fruit machines or fruit games. Online slot games are also called “fruit machines” in modern times, despite not having a physical machine for the game.

The experts said the traditional slit games often had images of fruits like apples, cherries, pears or guavas, and watermelons. This, in turn, resulted in slot games being known and fruit machines in many countries in Europe.


‘Megabucks’ is a synonym for the mega jackpot of slot games. Gamblers usually consider the largest and biggest progressive slot reward as Megabucks. This term became popular after IGT introduced its Megabucks games.

At this moment, any progressive slot mega jackpot is called megabucks. Players usually play the games aiming to hit the jackpot. But, getting a megabuck is not an easy job because the odds of hitting the progressive jackpot is often once in a million chance.


‘Pokies’ is a well-known term in Australian online casinos and Australian players. Australian people refer to slot games as “Pokies”. You can now find dedicated pokies casinos for online pokie games.

Next time you hear someone “loves to play pokies,” understand that person is definitely from Australia. You can also check out pokies casino sites to play some exciting slots.


In online casinos, “raining” refers to the significant or more winnings than your bet amount. This term is often linked to the virtual sound of the coin spinning wheel.


Developing a code language is common in the gambling circuit. Many seasoned players love to use these special terms while conversing. Even if these terms appear peculiar to you, they can better help you understand online slot games.

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