How Slot Machine Reels Function In Online Casinos, Name Some Of The Grid Sizes Designed In The Slot Machines

How Slot Machine Reels Function In Online Casinos, Name Some Of The Grid Sizes Designed In The Slot Machines

This article entails the functioning of the reels in online slot machines and some of the grid sizes to tempt the players to play them to explore more fun and good payouts.

When people see a slot machine screen, they will notice a reel with rows and columns of specific numbers appearing on the screen. The reels with a set of symbols presented on the reels spin when a person playing the game clicks on the spin button. The number of symbols making a winning combination on the reels pays a certain amount of money earned by the gambler. All slot games are designed with reels, but the reel size varies depending on the genre and the game’s aspects.

How do Slot Reels Functions

Being a rare visitor of the casino sites, you would notice in most cases, casinos online offer video slots that have 5×3 grid size or reel sets, being used in pay lines. In 3×5 reel size, each reel features one of five symbols; you can experience this in the Gonzo’s Quest slot or Divine Fortune slot machines. This type of 5×3 reel set slots in total represents 15 symbols respectively. After understanding these fundamental aspects of reels, you would be eligible to calculate that in a 5×5 grid size, and you can place five symbols on each of the five reels, displaying 25 symbols.

Besides, you are playing a pay line slots game. You need to set several pay lines relating to the value of the pay line to win a good outcome. Although some slots allow you to choose between one to five pay lines, each pay line is eligible to win independently, so when you select more pay lines, you can also win a higher payout.

Examples of Reels Sizes Designed on the Online Slots

Nowadays, slots are presented with various grid sizes like 5×3, 6×6, and 5×8, and sometimes, gamblers get additional reels after achieving a specific position in the gameplay.

  • 5×3 Reel Sizes: In most cases, five reel slots contribute to the best-themed slot games in recent times. The pay lines of the Joker slot gaming remain 20 to 25 all the time; this helps the players understand the mechanism and uses these pay lines to get higher payouts.
  • 3 Reels Slot Machines: One of the reasons that cherish the superiority of slot machines is their high win frequency. However, due to their one-pay line capacity, making a good winning combination becomes more challenging. Therefore, you may see these three reels in fruit machines slot games. Player thrives on playing these slot machines as they are imbibed with simplicity and straightforwardness.


Slot machines always elude players from playing them once they register at any casino site. Some casinos provide other games, too, to give a divergence in gambling and upkeep the enthralling in the gambling section. If you want to play slot games, register at any casino site with all the requirements and details and start gambling soon.

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