Learn to play roulette

Learn to play roulette

There are many games which people play for gambling purposes. Roulette is one of those very famous games all over the world. There are two types of this game. In this article, we will tell you how to play this game.


Roulette is a very famous game. In this game, there is a wheel that keeps on rotating. On this board, there are many numbers on the red and black color square. When the wheel rotates, the slot ball gets stopped on the various numbers or colors.

How to play it

The method to play the roulette is very simple. Firstly the wheel gets rotated, Once the wheel starts rotating, you need to select the number of your chips and select the betting area. Now if the slot ball gets stopped at the betting area, you win and if it does not, you lose.

Betting area

In roulette, there are many options for betting you can bet. Some of the most important betting areas are

Red-There are generally,36 numbers on the wheel and one zero also. All these numbers are printed on only black and red squares. If you select a red betting area and slot ball stops at any red square, you win and in all the other cases, you lose.

Black-It is similar to red betting. If the slot ball stops at the black square, you win, else you lose.

Odd and even-In this case you need to select either odd or even numbers as your betting area. Now suppose you selected odd betting area and the slot ball stops at 2,6,10 or any such numbers you lose but if the slot ball stops at 5,9,13,17 or any odd numbers, you win. The same logic is, there for the selection of even betting areas.

Individual numbers-It is one of the most important betting areas of slot games. In this betting area, you need to select any individual number like 5,8,9 or anyone out of those 36 numbers. If the slot ball stops at any of those numbers, you win, else you lose.


Above you got to know the very basic methods of playing roulette and some basic betting area. Along with these, there are many other betting areas like corners betting, Range betting, etc.  which you will see after you enter to play this game.

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