Have fun with these crazy poker facts

Have fun with these crazy poker facts

If you love poker online games you might be thrilled to hear these fun facts about the game. Read our collection with the craziest poker facts.

Let me guess – you are one of those enthusiasts who play poker online every day while being confident you know everything about the game. Well, you are not completely right. There might be things you have never heard about poker. And today we will meet you with some of them. Apart from the serious strategies and talks about tactics and principles while playing poker, there’s always some time for fun, right? So have fun with these crazy facts about poker, guys:

  1. More than 50 million of American citizens play poker games! And this is not some super exclusive news to be shocked of. This is not even a figure that has been reached due to the Covid-19 isolation and stay at home motto. It has been a fact since the 70s of the previous century.
  2. The longest poker game took some really huge time. We are not talking about hours or days. We are talking about years. It is a game that was arranged once again in the States. To be more specific the game lasted for nearly eight years and a half in Arizona. The game was played by some of the biggest pros in the field of poker from the previous century.
  3. Poker is the most promoted TV gambling game. If you think that slots are those casino games that usually receive as many ads and TV shows as possible, you are wrong. Actually, poker has been always in the focus of the TV screen. No superhero or bad boy in a macho face has ever played slots. These guys played poker. Speaking of poker and its relationship with TV, you should know that poker is also the first TV promoted game. We are talking about the World Series of Poker. Only three years after the debut of the tournament, it was released on TV – CBS to be more specific – and this happened in the 1973rd year.
  4. Poker is the casino game that has the biggest strategy connection with sport betting. Just like football punters love checking out the stats to form their predictions, poker players also believe in the stats. According to a research the best poker pros have been always building their strategies with the assistance of the figures in the statistics.
  5. The worst bluffing poker players used to be kicked off from the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. There’s a rumor according to which a group of experienced poker enthusiasts was formed to chase these guys who interrupted the game with silly bluffing. This group was not afraid of the bluffing lovers. No. It’s just they were so obsessed by the game that they wanted to protect it from stupid outcomes and sessions as well as possible.

We bet you did not hear about these fun facts about poker. Do you know some? Don’t hesitate to share them with us today!

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