Top preferred casino games by the celebrities

Top preferred casino games by the celebrities

Check out what celebrities play when they joker123 deposit pulsa. See what the famous people love when being in a casino, including online.

It’s not some hot news that celebrities love visiting casinos. But it might be weird for you if you find out that these same famous people, who are keen in showing off with their latest clothes, gems and cars, sometimes even prefer to stay at home and play online poker games or even make a joker123 deposit pulsa like a real punter from your gang. As a matter of fact, it’s not only you who have understood all the benefits of being an online gambler. Celebrities know these pros, too. And moreover – they might even be as good as you are whether in Texas Hold Em or in video poker games.

Now, what might be even more interesting for you is the list with the most preferred casino games by the celebrities. It seems that they have their own preferences and according to a research, the popular people usually choose these casino games:

  1. Blackjack. After all, there’s nothing weird about this fact. There has been always something Hollywood-like in this concrete card game. Moreover – most of the gambling movies use Blackjack as a base. According to the stats, about 74% of all movies related with gambling and casino are connected with Blackjack. But the game is preferred not only by actors and actresses. Numerous sports players and singers love the card game, too.
  2. Craps. No, we are not kidding. Craps is indeed among the top preferred games by the celebrities. We know even cases about presidential candidate for the United States, who play craps – like John McCain. In addition to these, other celebrities like Ray Romano and many R&B artists admit to play Craps very often when they visit a real casino or have some relaxing night at home.
  3. Poker. Poker is in general one of the most beloved gambling game ever. Right now, there’s a discussion whether the poker players or the slot machine lovers are more in total. What’s clear is that just a decade ago the poker players used to be more than those who usually play slot machines. The most glamorous poker players we can think off right now are Leonardo Di Caprio, Ben Affleck and even Jennifer Tilly.
  4. Roulette. Those famous people, who look for an authentic experience, usually choose the roulette style of gambling. They play roulette for the idea of being in a casino, but apart from that we have heard about some extra big masters in the game. Want to hear some examples? Right now we can point out NBA star Charles Barkley who’s known as one of the most famous roulette experts.
  5. Slot games. Whether because they are easy, or because they promise easy cash, slots are beloved by celebrities as much as they are by us, the ordinary people. Pamela Anderson for instance, admits to visit ground casinos on a regular basis and usually she sits on a slot machine. Sometimes, she even moves to cool video poker games, which is a fact that proves she’s a real gambler babe.

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